Traditional villa symbolises the Beauty & Charm of Chalki


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90 m2
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283 m2
Semibasement, Ground Floor, 1st
€ 480,000

Property Description

Nestled near the island of Rhodes, Chalki is the sister island located approximately an hour away by ferry, from Kamiros Skala. It is also accessible via the larger ferries & the high speed ones from the main Port of Rhodes.
It is part of the Dodecanese Greek Islands. Due to its small size, it is not as well known as some of the other islands, but this is the way everyone who has visited Chalki likes it. The tranquility & peaceful atmosphere takes you away from the hustle & bustle of the over populated islands, city life & main stream tourism of Greece.
It’s rejuvenating & calming powers help you focus on the beauty that you see before you, & allows you to leave the stress behind where it belongs.

Community is very important to the residents of Chalki & you absorb it instantly when you feel the people around you. You feel it as you walk the stone laid streets, when absolute strangers welcome you by saying ‘Geia sou’.

You can sit & talk with locals while enjoying your frappe.
Feel the gathering of people when you hear the chiming of the Church Bell’s on a Saints Name Day or for Sunday Mass.
Include yourself in their laughter while having a shot of Ouzo or enjoying a delicious homemade greek meal from many of the passionate Cooks & Cafes sharing their hospitality & heritage the Greek Way.
There’s always the beautiful clean blue-green Oceans of Chalki where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool clear waters.
You can charter a bus or boat to explore & swim the many secluded beaches & neighbouring islands of Chalki, or you can organise to Dive into the depths of our beautiful seas with the experienced Chalki Divers & explore the secrets the oceans hold below.
Or You might just prefer to sit & enjoy the leisurely famous Greek past-time of People Watching while enjoying any one of an amazing variety of Homemade Ice-Creams or sensational Homemade Greek Desserts.
Enjoy it’s many other invigorating & physical activities. Walk up the rocky hills to the Ruins of the Old Town (or if you prefer not to walk, you can always arrange for a driver to take you up).
You can reminisce about the past, viewing the Old Castles (Kastro’s) relics from a history once left behind.
Where saying a private prayer or lighting a candle at tiny church of St John’s on the mountain top is welcomed regardless of your religion.
Enjoy the crystal clear waters with a group or a special someone. Perhaps even taking along a delicious picnic lunch to be enjoyed.
Or if you’re curious, you can explore the growing productivity of the Fish Farms in Chalki, replenishing the eco-system of the oceans nearby, offering sustainability & employment to the residents of Chalki & Greece as a whole.
Or perhaps take a Yoga Class when available to relax those aching muscles after your vigorous activities.

This Villa is approximately 10 minutes from the Piatsa & close to all restaurants & stores. This makes it easy to access the Port & all swimming spots quite easily also.

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